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Here is our latest "Letter to our friends".
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march 2014  

(“White Fathers”) Our Mission Letter
for Christmas and the New Year


In 2011, Encounter with the African People According to the Spirit of Jesus

From the beginning, the Spirit of God hovered over the waters of the oceans
and the dunes of the deserts, preceding Christians in the midst of the peoples
for whom the missionaries left home to “teach them about God”.
Well before the theologians of Vatican II and in line with the graces of their times
and the cultures they encountered, missionaries revealed to the whole Church
that “pagans” and “believers of Islam” were inspiring a new reading of the Gospel.
Admittedly, there was a mixture of good and bad interchange of services
between missionaries and explorers, traders and colonisers.
Nevertheless, since the discovery that Planet Earth is round
and that it revolves around the Sun, the Spirit has taught Christians
to reread the Bible and bring the Good News according to Jesus’ example.
“The Advocate will remind you of all I have said to you.” (John 14:26)

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Joyfull encounter of Missionaries of Africa in Toronto. L. to r., Fr Andrew Lane (from Newfoundland & Labrador), Professor of Arabic, University of Toronto at Scarbogough; Fr Paul Gallen (from Brittany, France, Missionary in Zambia); Fr Jacques Bédard, Superior Delegate for Canada; Fr John Boos (from Trinidad, caring for his mother in Toronto); Fr Mark Angers, Mission Promotor, Toronto; Fr Julien Cormier, Superior Provincial of the Americas; Fr Paul Leblanc, Mission Promotor, Toronto.
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In the footsteps of St Francis Xavier, the first great missionary of Modern Times,
and in line with Cardinal Charles Lavigerie action and vision,
the missionaries bring the Gospel with them.
It is the source of their personal conversion as well
as the leaven in the batch for the liberation of the peoples.
“The Kingdom of God is among you.”

The Missionaries of Africa (“White Fathers”)
held a General Chapter in Rome in May 2010.
Our Society can count on 1500 committed men, Priests, Brothers and Lay Associates.
Our students or “candidates” in formation are more than 400.
The Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa share the same mission as ours,
seeking to meet the African world wherever it may be today.
We live with the African people in about 25 countries of Africa.
I therefore want to thank all our friends, relatives and benefactors
who give us the support to continue promoting the Good News,
in word and work, just as Jesus did in his own time.

Julien Cormier
Superior Provincial of the Americas
Society of the Missionaries of Africa
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